"I think being in love with life is a key to eternal youth."

Doug Hutchison
Feeling Love Quotes
Feeling Love Quotes
Collaboration is fun..
Ajay Devgan, actor
 I think trust
in each other at marriage is really important because this is the art of reconciliation. But accepting and honoring one another's personality is also very important. Today, if I am growing up in the career, then its credit goes to Kajol. He is in the glamor world, despite his wisdom and maturity, today we are living a happy life today. Every husband should realize the existence of a wife. If the wife is working outside, then support her and if she is a housewife, then let her not realize that her work is less. Moving home is not easy. I occasionally share Kajol's hand in domestic affairs. Dies made with my hand Many times we both engage together. Although I am not good to cook. Many times my joke is made due to the dish made with my hands. But there is separate happiness in cooperation in small things. I understand that no matter how many tensions are there in private or professional life, do not allow them to dominate the relationship and take away two to four moments of happiness and sharing with your partner, only then can the war of life be fought together.
Adjustment is from either side..
Raghav Sachar, Music Composer
My wife
Ameeta Pathak is an actress. I do not believe in Arranged Marriage If we do not know the partner then how can we play with her after marriage? Although I think that many times the agreement is also important in marriage, they are from both sides. If unilateral, the problems will increase. Personal space is very important in marriage. Sometimes it happens that I want personal space for my work, while at the same time my wife needs me. In such a situation, mutual understanding comes in handy. If both understand each other, they will understand the situation. After the marriage, a lot of change comes in all. I have also come in and my wife has also changed herself. When we are constantly together, then gradually we begin to understand each other's habits, temperament and likes, and dislikes. As soon as I get angry, my wife has to be a little cooler so that balance can happen. Well, I'm lucky that my wife knows me for many years, so we understand each other very well. Yet after marriage the responsibilities increase and the nature of relationships changes. Earlier we were both only, but now our families are also with us, our responsibilities related to them are also to handle us. Although we have less domestic responsibilities, we also need to divide the work on the necessity. Ameeta is at home, she is a boss, whatever decision she makes, I will agree. I can not cook, while Ameeta likes to cook. After getting leisure, he does cooking. We do not do much at home, because of career and professionalism. Yes, if anyone wants advice then there is a different matter. Transparency is necessary between husband and wife. This is how trust grows. We are in the creative field. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. Many times the months are busy. There are many trips to do. If Ameeta is at home then she knows how to manage them alone. Relationships move forward in a sensible way.